What can I expect from attending the Salon Business Essentials Program?

You can expect to spend three days learning how to take back your salon and improve your overall business. The classes are designed to share and reinforce best practices that have been tested and proven throughout the Bb. Network.

What exactly is a Network Educator?

A Network Educator (NE) is a licensed stylist from a Bb. affiliate salon who is chosen to represent, inspire, and educate his or her fellow staff members on a part-time basis. The NE will provide continuous education for salon members about Bb. styling techniques, product usage and control, new product launches and customer service.

How do I choose a Network Educator?

The ideal NE knows and loves Bb. products, is dedicated to the craft, is trusted and respected by you and your staff, has a passion for education, and has a desire for personal and professional development. Attend Salon Business Essentials and then work with your Bb.Consultant to select the best person for the role.

What should I bring with me to Salon Business Essentials?

Upon registration, you will receive a packet of Required Data (also referred to as Prework) to attend the class. Bring copies of each component of the packet as the included information is integral to your class experience.

What is Bb.'s policy regarding recruiting other salon's employees while attending classes at Bb.U?

Recruiting other salon's employees while attending a class at Bb.U is something we will neither condone, endorse nor tolerate. We are a network of salons working towards a common vision of raising the status of hairdressing in the world. Poaching employees doesn't help us fulfill this vision.


What exactly is the role of the Network Educator?

The Network Educator is a dedicated stylist chosen by the salon management and their Bb.Consultant to represent and inspire his or her fellow stylists and lead monthly in-salon education.

What can I expect from attending the Network Educator Program?

You can expect to spend three full days immersed in classes that will prepare you for your new role as a Network Educator. The classes consist of public speaking, product knowledge, chair education, and styling techniques.

What should I bring with me to Network Educator Program I?

All you need to bring is an open mind. There is a lot to learn!


What hotels do you recommend?

We have partnered with a variety of hotels in the city to pass on the best deals (and best locations) to you. You may download our list of recommended accommodations here.

How much time should I allow between the last day of class and my flight time?

Traveling by taxi, you should permit no less than two hours between class end time and your flight departure. Cab rides from Bb.U to LaGuardia, JFK and Newark Airports generally require 45 minutes.

What if I need to change who I'm sending to class?

You may replace an attendee with an equally qualified* attendee at any time prior to the start of a course. If, however, a last minute cancellation arises as a result of lack of experience, cancellation penalties will apply.
*Please see class prerequisites

If I need to cancel my class, when can I cancel by without penalty?

You may cancel your registration up to 60 days prior to the start date of your class without incurring a penalty (aside from the non-refundable fee that is charged upon confirmation of your registration). Any cancellation received within 60 days of a class start date will result in forfeiture of 50% of the total course fee. All no-shows will forfeit the entire course fee.

Do I have to attend every day of the course?

Yes. This is a serious commitment to education for you and for Bumble and bumble. Full attendance is a requirement in order to graduate from the course. No exceptions and no early departures.

What happens if I am late for class?

Timeliness is essential for successful completion of any course at Bb.U. It is imperative that anticipated late arrivals or unavoidable delays be communicated to Booking as soon as possible. In the event you are prevented from arriving on time, for any reason or at any point, please notify Bb.U Booking at 888.5Bumble. Lateness may result in failure to graduate.

What should I wear?

We love it when our guests dress up, but we desire your comfort above all. Casual dress is appropriate for the classroom (including jeans). We also suggest that you dress in layers for class. Temperature can vary in the classroom and everyone has a different comfort level. Dress for the season.

Are meals provided for us?

Yes. Lunch and snacks are provided daily, including vegetarian options. If you have specific dietary concerns, please notify Bb.U Booking in advance of your arrival.

Will I have any free time to check out the city?

Classes at Bb.U typically end by 5:00pm each day (please see your class agenda for details). Your time outside of class is free to you. In fact, we've compiled a guide for our out-of-town students who may need a little (insider) direction as they explore the city. It can be downloaded here

Will I have a chance to speak with people from other salons?

All courses are designed to be highly interactive. You will have plenty of time to network with people from other salons both in and out of class.

Can I get an appointment with a Bb.Stylist while I am there?

Absolutely, as long as it is an evening appointment so as not to interfere with the class schedule. Please call us at Bb.U and we will help arrange it.

Can I shop at the Bb.U ProShop?

Of course. We have lots to offer: tools, T-shirts, bags and many items unique to Bb.U. New additions arrive all the time, and as a student, you benefit from a discount on some of them. We gladly accept American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard or cash.

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