The Bb.Cut: Foundation



Evolution is at the heart of Bb.Culture. Over the years, we’ve created and perfected timeless techniques that we refine to suit every individual. These fundamental razor skills form the basis for any cut we craft – and are essential for daily salon work.

The Bb.Cut: Foundation is the first step towards defining your journey. It’s the entry point for all Bb.U Craft School cutting courses.

The class includes two days of theory, consultation skill development, product knowledge, demos and hands-on application – plus, it prepares stylists for The Bb. Cut: Aesthetic, the next level in the Craft cutting series.

Students will:

  • Improve their proficiency with the razor
  • Learn how to conduct an effective consultation
  • Learn how to translate fundamental techniques into everyday work in the salon
  • Explore variations of these techniques
  • Engage in daily hands-on sessions with multiple models to learn rhythm, control and consistency through repetition
  • Expand on the use of Bb.Products
  • Receive detailed feedback on their performance and a customized plan for future development
  • Gain a strong foundation for future career growth
  • Master variations of Bang techniques


Two days


Bb.Network Licensed Stylists (must have two years cutting experience; no prior Bb.U education is required)


9,500 pts or $775.00 (per attendee)
5,500 pts or $500.00 (per Network Educator)


The House of Bumble
415 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014


Lunch and refreshments provided daily


Lecture, demonstration, hands-on styling, technical guidance and structured feedback

Tools Required

Razor. Styling tools and products will be provided.


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