Christian Cowan

Christian Cowan

There’s nothing shy about this bold look created by Bb.Global Fashion Director and hair lead Laurent Philippon—and for good reason. Christian Cowan’s collection was inspired by the age of social media and the culture of excess. “It’s all about showing off your money, your cars, your body,” said Philippon. “What better way to show off than Disco Fever?”

To get the look, create sections and douse each with Does It All hairspray. Loop each section into a figure 8 around large hair pins. “Cook” each pin set with a flat iron for 10 seconds, and let it set. Undo the pin sets, and run a fine-tooth comb through each section (no backcombing necessary). Finish the look with Does It All hairspray before adding a bright @sarahsokolmillinery cap.

Products used: Does It All Hairspray

Stylist: Laurent Philippon
Show: Christian Cowan
Season: NYFW FW19

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