Network Educator Program I: Finding Your Voice (and cultivating confidence)



For the stylist who is committed to becoming a teacher, this three-day intensive program equips participants with the tools to teach and inspire other stylists. Building confidence is key, and students will work on finding their voices, connecting with their audience and presenting custom curricula with skill (and personality).

This course includes four learning categories:

  • Public Speaking Fundamentals
  • Bb.Prepared: product categories
  • NE Hands-on practice: advanced styling techniques
  • Bring it Home: teaching NE classes

    It also includes inspirational styling and cutting demonstrations and an off-site reception.

Students will:

  • Learn (and practice) live presentation and other essential communication and teaching techniques.
  • Gain an understanding of the Bb. approach to styling and the products that support it.
  • Receive training in client education.
  • Hone blow dry and styling techniques on live models.
  • Discover how to maximize the many tools and resources Bumble and bumble makes available to NEs in the Bb.Salon Network.
  • Mix and mingle with like-minded, top talent in the Bb.Salon Network.
  • Prepare to educate fellow hairdressers with custom curriculum.


3 days


Licensed Stylists from Bb.Network Salons


  • Any two day Design School Bb.U class (excluding color classes), either at the House of Bumble or in the field; or, any one day Bumble.LIVE class with a hands-on session. Salon owners are strongly encouraged to review NE candidate with their Business Consultant.


15,500 pts or $1,200.00
(per attendee)


The House of Bumble
415 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014


Breakfast, lunch and refreshments provided daily


Workshop, lecture, hands-on styling

Tools Required

Passion for hairdressing and Bb.

All Styling tools and products will be provided.

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