Bumble.LIVE - Bb.Cut: Aesthetic



At Bb.U, we believe that mastering fundamental techniques forever impacts your career (for the better).

This two-day intensive cutting course is designed to build upon your existing knowledge and experience. You’ll practice essential razor techniques, as well as our signature graduated bob. Learn how to customize cuts to suit every client in your chair – plus, explore how and why these different techniques work. These new skills will help you develop your own aesthetic.

Students will:

  • Tailor techniques to suit every model
  • Explore and define their aesthetic and craft
  • Learn to look at hairdressing in a deeper context
  • Expand on Bb.Product usage and application
  • Receive detailed feedback on performance and a customized plan for future development
  • Engage in daily hands-on sessions with multiple models
  • Prepare for future Design School: The Craft Series education
  • Leave with significant technical education and creative inspiration


Two days


Bb.Network Licensed Stylists (must have two years cutting experience)


The Bb.Cut: Foundation or Design Workshop (at least six months prior to attending The Bb.Cut: Aesthetic)


$200 Non-refundable fee plus $700 or 7,000 points
(per attendee)

$200 Non-refundable fee plus $500 or 5000 points
(per Network Educator)


Breakfast and refreshments provided daily


Lecture, demonstration, hands-on styling, technical guidance and structured feedback

Tools Required

Razor, blades and a blow dryer (products will be provided)

**Prior to class, razors available for purchase at the Bb.U ProShop (and sent to your salon for class).


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