"This collection will change the lives of curly girls."

– Bb.Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon #BbCurlSquad

“Waves can get limp, so this combo is perfect for extra lift.”

– Bb.Stylist Joey #BbCurlSquad

The Skip Rope Technique: To boost volume + definition

“The primer has soft hold, and the mousse softens and
defines – so great for spirals.”

– Bb.Stylist Joey #BbCurlSquad

The Spiral Set Technique: For supple, uniform curls

“This cocktail gives ringlets a lovely blend
of hold and light moisture.”

– Bb.Stylist Joey #BbCurlSquad

The Twist Out Technique: To add movement, hold + texture

“Mix the gel-oil with the creme for nice definition
– a great combo on coils.”

– Bb.Stylist Joey #BbCurlSquad

The Ribboning Technique: For separation + frizz-reduction

“Together, these stylers add weight and moisture to dense hair.”

– Bb.Stylist Joey #BbCurlSquad

The Knotting Technique: To define + unfurl tight curls
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