A Bb.Style Series

Here comes the sun – and it’s way too hot for complicated coifs.
Explore our style series for seriously chic,
too-easy-to-be-believed summer hairspiration.

The Snooze Button Braid

A summer style revival – apply powder to
roots and wherever you need extra grip.
Then, finger-rake hair to one side and
braid loosely for a chic, second day look.
(For all types and textures,
especially oily, fine hair)

Artfully Mussed

No heat, no hassle – the perfect style for summer days.
Apply creme evenly through hair,
then twist and scrunch in sections
for a tousled, mussed-have look.
(For all air-driers – especially
those with fine to medium hair)

Tied Up

For a low-effort (high-fashion) pony,
spritz this detangling primer on damp
strands before straightening –
then secure hair at the nape of
the neck with an elastic. (For anyone – especially
those with ultra-fine hair)

Curly Upsweep

For a frizz-proof ‘do on summer’s hottest days,
start by curling hair in small sections –
then sweep into a high, tousled bun.
Finish with Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil
to create definition and shine.
(For all hair types)

Beachy Keen

For tousled texture with a satin finish,
spritz Surf Infusion onto damp strands –
then, flip hair forward, diffuse and squeeze
random sections for added oomph.
(Swell for dry or coarse types)

Sea La Vie

From city blocks to shorelines ­–
nothing says summer like gritty,
sea-tossed texture.
To get this look, work Surf Spray evenly
through damp hair; diffuse or air-dry. (Swell for all hair types)