On Screen
Film: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
"Vampires and werewolves alike have a "fetish" for Bumble and bumble Sumotech. It seems to add the right amount of messy texture and have more "staying power" than anything else in the Canadian weather.”

Rita Parillo and Susan Germaine
Show: Glee
“Two of the products I use the most are Defrizz and Grooming Creme. I use the Defrizz in the morning with the flat iron and I always carry Grooming Creme in my set bag. A little on my fingertips helps tame the flyaways.”

Janis Clark
Show: True Blood
"I love using the Bb.Texture hair(un)dressing creme. It gives hair a bunch of separation and a lot of texture plus it made the styles last the entire day. I just had to spritz with water and it reactivated everything. It's really nice!"

Hairstylist: Dennis Parker
Film: The Help
"I used the [Mending] Masque at night to condition their hair and the Mending Complex to blow dry and set the hair. I also used Styling Creme and Sumowax to hold the men's hair for the perfect 1960's look."
Hairstylist: Camille Friend

Show: Damages
"Spray de Mode is a perfect on set hairspray. It's flexible hold allows for fluid and natural hair movement throughout the day with multiple applications. When the shoot is over I am able to simply brush it out with ease. It is just what the actress ordered."
Hairstylist: Bobby Diehl

Film: Shame
" For Michael Fassbender's characters' rogue look, I used Surf Spray with Bb.Texture. Other times he was a well-dressed business man, and I blow-styled his hair with Thickening Hairspray for fullness, finishing with Spray de Mode."
Hairstylist: Erin Hicks

Show: Modern Family
"Thickening Hairspray gives the hair a great base and really smoothes it out. It lets me do changes in minutes because it has no product finish. I can layer other products on it and it won't interfere in the performance of the other products."
Hairstylist: Maryann Hennings

Show: The Vampire Diaries
"I have tried every pomade ont he planet and my favorite go to product is Sumotech by itself or mixed with either the Texture (Un)dressing cream or the Sumowax."
Hairstylist: Daniel Curet