The Cutting Edge


By Bb.Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon
and Photographer Richard Burbridge

Richard Burbridge’s capsule collection was a triumph of unconventional style. The look was girl/boy chic – a cutting-edge moment with a moody, street feel. “The overall vibe is very sharp and androgynous,” said Laurent Philippon, Bb.Global Artistic Director. “I’ve noticed that in Paris and New York, the younger generation are all cutting and buzzing their own hair. I wanted to show that you can get a cool, unconventional cut that’s still beautiful – and Burbridge was the perfect photographer to capture these portraits. He’s able to tell an entire story through his imagery, to create characters and bring out people’s inner light. Also, I love that we decided to showcase the back view. You can tell so much about a person from the back of the head.”

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