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Recipe for medium to thick straight hair
  • Prepare hair with Prep.
  • Apply Grooming Creme for satin texture.
  • Hand dry.
  • Mist with Does it All for flexible hold.
  • prep
  • This nutrient-rich detangler reveals texture, enhances the performance of styling products and refreshes already styled hair.
  • 8 oz - $21.00
grooming creme
  • grooming creme
  • Not so perfect, lived in texture really can come easily with this styling moisturizer, which gives natural separation, subtle hold, and a soft, smooth low-glow satin finish.
  • 5 oz - $29.00
does it all styling spray
  • does it all styling spray
  • The ultimate session working spray - it gives light hold and subtle degrees of control, plus it helps hair respond to heat tools and gives grip for easier styling.
  • 10 oz - $28.00
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