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Recipe for fine to medium wavy/curly hair
  • Prepare hair with Tonic.
  • Apply Surf Spray throughout and finger style.
  • Sit in sea breezes to dry. (Drink in hand optional.)
  • Apply Shine On Finishing Spray throughout for shine.
shine on finishing spray
  • shine on finishing spray
  • This high-shine glossing mist delivers all-day gleam, controls flyaways and creates excellent separation and dimension without leaving hair greasy or weighed down.
  • 4.2 oz - $28.00
tonic lotion
  • tonic lotion
  • A blend of herbs, vitamins and Tea Tree Oil replaces moisture, soothes, detangles, enhances the performance of products and reminds us of old-school barbers' elixirs.
  • 8 oz - $21.00
surf spray
  • surf spray
  • Sexy, beachy, windswept styles - whenever, wherever.
  • 4 oz - $26.00
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