What is the Bumble and bumble Network?

People all over the world use Bb. Products and many are familiar with our two Manhattan salons. However, few know what it takes to belong to the select Bb.Network - a group of salons and stores worldwide that sells Bb. products, trains in advanced techniques and shares a vision for a stronger hairdressing culture.

What does it take to become a Bb. Affiliate?

A salon must be the best in their region - and have stylists who are impeccably trained, unusually talented and have an unyielding passion and love their craft.

Why go to a Bb. Network salon?

Because they're the best in the world. In addition to selling Bb. products, the stylists in the Network attend Bb.U - an institute for higher learning.

Most hairdressers graduate from beauty school, begin working at a salon, and never go back to school to refresh their skills or creative juices. (This is why so many of your friends who go to "other" salons have haircuts circa 1983.) Bb. U is a graduate school for hairdressers - only those who work at Bb. affiliated salons are admitted and only those with the most talent can thrive in its demanding curriculum.

Bb.U offers advanced training in cutting, coloring and styling. Students train in a wide variety of implements (scissors, straight razor, thinning shears and clippers) because different styles require different tools. We teach stylists to work closely with colorists, so color and cut work together to enhance texture and shape. We apply decades of photo shoot, runway, film and TV work to our styling classes, and teach advanced product application as part of the creative process.

If you go to a Bb.Network salon, you'll look fabulous - because your stylist will be really talented AND s/he'll have the technical and inspirational training, passion and vision to be the best hairdresser you'll ever have.